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For a 2021 version of this post, with the 11th gen processors and RTX 3000 series, please read it here.

For a long time, streaming required two computers. We needed a first one to run the games ,and a second one with a capture card to manage the stream. But is it still true ? The results below are showing us FPS rendered by the local PC; FPS that can be seen by the streamer. Future benchmarks will be made to look into the quality of the output that can be seen by your viewers. For this time, we chose four games with different hardware focus.


– Battlefield 5

– Overwatch

– Shadow of the Tomb Raider


For benchmarking, we did run each games twice off stream and twice while streaming. We then compared the FPS average. Looking at our charts below, you can see that the new NVIDIA cards are doing an excellent job, minimising the impact of streaming while gaming to a maximum 10% FPS loss. That is a good news! It means that you can now stream like the professionals do out of a single PC.

As you can see below, the GeForce 1660 Ti is struggling a bit, but still manage to give an acceptable FPS count with most games.

Build 1: Intel i7-9700k, NVIDIA GeForce 2070 SUPER RTX by ASUS Strix Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3000MHZ

While the Nvidia GeForce 1660 Ti was struggling a bit, the Nvidia RTX SUPER 20 SERIES holds like a charm, whether it’s with an Intel i5 or an Intel i7 processor.

Build 2: Intel i5-9600k,NVIDIA GeForce 2060 SUPER RTX by ASUS Strix Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3000MHZ


The days of buying a dedicated PC for streaming are most likely over. Professional gamers and teams are probably still gonna do it, for that 10% increase performance, but even a careered streamer can easily run a one PC configuration. Investing in a better GPU instead of a dedicated computer will save you tons of money, and still bring you a long way. As usual, if you want to know what kind of settings we used, leave a comment down below.

Which PC to get?

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